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Internationally acclaimed wedding photographer and world traveler — Magi Fisher, is an accomplished artist creating imagery anchored in honest love, sincere intent, and unassuming luxury.

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We deserve the life we’ve only dared to dream of…and photographs to relive it as often as we choose.


Greetings, I’m Magi — a life-loving visionary dedicated to documenting spectacular stories and stylish occasions. Together my husband and I have photographed events all over the world, pursuing our passion for portraying sincere narratives with editorial edge since 2010.

Today, we are honored to capture meaningful moments while providing a laid-back yet luxurious experience for contemporary couples in the most desirable destinations. 


Magi is a visual storyteller with a refreshing style that fuses editorial edge and effortless luxury. An experienced photographer, entrepreneurial business coach, and inspiring conversationalist with a passion for culture and community, she shares professional and personal insights for an approach to both business and life that is altogether uplifting.

Genuine storytelling, artistically anchored.


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Rooted in creativity, Magi Fisher is the cornerstone of the couples’ entrepreneurial empire. Together, they have founded multiple businesses that they manage collectively. Always planning for what lies ahead, Magi & Scott are continuously inspired to dream big and to share their expertise, enthusiasm, and creative endeavors.

Driven by their entrepreneurial success and a desire to share with others, Magi and Scott have fashioned a collection of creative pursuits with one unifying thread; to provide exceptional experiences for kindred spirits. 

Connected brands, distinct purposes.


Artist turned lawyer and entrepreneur, Magi Fisher intertwines her wedding photography business with her enthusiasm for helping other leaders thrive. Thanks to a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers Law and over ten years experience as a founder herself, her online shop — The Artists’ Lawyer — assists creatives in uncovering their ambition and forging a business built to last.

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We consider it an honor to shine a spotlight on love stories in dream destinations, however, we believe our purpose doesn’t conclude with preserving moments for memories. Driven by the idea of living more with less, we're  just as passionate about preserving our planet too.


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High fashion bridal couture meets vintage transportation in the Las Vegas desert.


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